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Olga Rovira Kontigo Life Coaching

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“There is only one person like you in this world, YOU”

It takes less than 6 seconds to read the sentence above and yet, for many of us, it is a journey to realise the deep meaning of it. The message within these simple eleven words contains the strength to unveil your own potential and achieve your personal alignment. Likewise, your life – what I often call “your map of the world”– is unique and it results from your decisions and the way you handle your reality.

There is no doubt life brings sometimes challenges that may question or alter the personal equilibrium. This can create a wish – or even a need – for a change. It is exactly at this point that life coaching can be supportive to move forward.

A person that senses a wish or a need for a change is often expressing the request “to be/become happier”, “to have a more satisfying life”, “to live in harmony” or “to improve the level of well-being”, to cite some examples.

Coaching is about generating awareness and finding out by yourself the resources that you will apply to achieve the desired change.

My role as a coach is to accompany you in questioning yourself in a confidential, respectful and non-judgemental environment. To support you in the discovery of your own answers. And to kindly nudge you towards your goal, motivating your full autonomy. All this with authenticity as main driving value.

In practice, you will attend several sessions as part of a coaching cycle that keep a focus on the present (your current reality) and the near future (where you wish to see a change). The duration of a coaching cycle depends on you and it is expected to be limited in time since your autonomy will be sought and encouraged.

Your coaching sessions can be held in English, French, German or Spanish.


  • Coach trained at Professional Certified Coach level (PCC) by the Nova Terra Coach Training & Corporate Development – Brussels, Belgium (2017-2018).
  • Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the ICF Belgium.
  • Engineering in Industrial Chemistry, University of Zaragoza, Spain (1993-1998).
  • MSc in Structural Molecular Biology, University of London, United Kingdom (2001-2003).


International Coach Federation (ICF) in Belgium